Summer style: 16 beauty products to help fight frizz

If your hair can predict the weather more accurately than Al Roker, you probably have frizz-prone hair. If rain transforms your smooth blow-out into a curly poodle 'do, you probably have frizz-prone hair. And if each strand seems to expand into a fluffy halo at the first sign of humidity, yes, you probably have frizz-prone hair. Don't worry — we found a product for every scenario, commitment level and budget.

Peter Coppola Argan Polish
Why are frizz fighters so obsessed with argan oil? It smooths and moisturizes hair while absorbing quickly, so it doesn't feel greasy like other oils. Warm a few drops in your hands, then apply to ends to seal in moisture so hair doesn't fuzz out later ($30 for 1.75oz;

Keratin Complex Kerabalm
This triple threat protects and smooths with natural keratin for protein, argan oil to hydrate, and apple stem cell extract to revitalize hair ($28;

Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil
A blend of six oils softens coarse hair, tames flyaways, protects against breakage, and adds shine without making your hair feel greasy or heavy. Bonus: It contains UVA/UVB filters and heat styling protection to make sure hair color lasts longer without fading ($38;

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum
Lots of smoothing products make hair weighed-down and greasy, but this lightweight formula makes for sleek hair without using heavy silicone-based ingredients or oils, so there's no gunky build-up ($29;

ColorProof Crazy Smooth Anti Frizz Condition
Just leave on for one minute after shampooing for glossy, smooth hair. The conditioner softens with camellia oil from Japan, abyssinian oil from Africa, seaweed, and shea butter — and doesn't contain any harsh sulfates that can strip out hair color and natural oils ($35 for 8.5oz;

Courtesy of Redken

Redken Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist
Spray this heat protector on damp or dry hair, then you're clear to flat iron, curling iron, or blow dry hair into submission without frying it. The mist also sets heat-styled looks so they stay put all day without frizzing out ($15;

Courtesy of Sephora

Drybar The Chaser
The only downside of blow-drying your hair into sleek submission? Sometimes it's a little too perfect and you lose all of your natural texture. For a piecier, messier texture, apply a little of this cream after blow-drying to ends and you'll get a more natural, beachy look ($28;

Courtesy of Davines

Davines Haircare Oi/Oil
The natural oils in this double-duty product act as a frizz preventative on damp hair or a frizz treatment on dry hair (or apply it for both, if you're dealing with a serious humidity situation). On towel-dried hair, two pumps seal it so you can blow-dry without frizz, and if fuzz creeps up later in the day, you can add another pump of the oil to make hair shiny ($40;

Courtesy of Christine Reconstructive

The Christine Reconstructive Conditioner
This reconstructive conditioner is designed to hydrate dried out strands and prevent split ends — a definite problem in these humid summer months. It will keep your hair shiny and strong after a day at the beach ($32 for 12oz;

Courtesy of of Umberto

Umberto Beverly Hills Shimmer Shine Spray
Pumps from thick shine-in-a-bottle formulas can get greasy fast, but a few seconds of this aerosol spray are a light-weight way to finish styling hair to lock out frizz and add shine ($13;

Courtesy of Motions

Motions Straight Finish Cleanser
Lots of shampoos can strip hair, leaving it even drier and coarser, a recipe for frizz. This cleanser detangles while softening with shea butter, soy bean oil, and keratin before you even get to conditioner ($7 for the cleanser;

Courtesy of Sally Hershberger

Sally Hershberger Extreme Moisture Repair Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Shampoo
These suds say no to severe, color-stripping sulfates and yes to keratin and argan and amla oils to smooth and repair before you even get out of the shower ($9;

Courtesy of BlowPro

BlowPro You Only Smoother Advanced Smoothing Spray
You know the cycle: Hair is frizzy and damaged-looking, so you use a flatiron, curling iron, or blow dryer — whose heat only further damages your hair, so you keep needing more hot tools. This pre-heat spray bonds to hair fibers and smooths hair's cuticles for a shinier effect and also offers 450 degrees of heat protection ($22;

Courtesy of Philip B Oud

Philip B Oud Royal Mega-Curl Enhancer For Naturally Wavy or Curly Hair
There are lots of days when you walk out of the house with chic, smooth hair — but a few hours later, it's frizz central. This woodsy-scented formula locks in good hair all day with time-released moisture from nourishing amino acids that help protect against even extreme humidity ($18 for 2oz;

Courtesy of Evo Hair

Evo Easy Tiger
Especially good for trying to smooth thick, coarse, hair, this straightening balm keeps curls unwound and flyaways down, but doesn't feel slick or heavy ($27;

Courtesy of Orlando Pita

Orlando Pita Argan Set
The power trio of Argan Gloss Shampoo, Argan Gloss Conditioning Treatment, and Argan Rejuvenating Hair Treatment Oil each includes chamomile, Moroccan argan, avocado, plus coconut, almond and, of course, argan oils to completely smooth hair at every step of the process ($17 for a limited time only;

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