Self-professed 'mess' gets 'beautiful' Ambush Makeover

As part of a weeklong countdown to Kathie Lee’s 60th birthday on Friday, two women who have already passed that milestone were plucked from Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday to receive Ambush Makeovers.

Queens resident Sherry Newman, 73, has mainly kept her hair pulled back in a ponytail ever since she got hip replacement surgery nine years ago.

TODAY hair stylist Louis Licari helped Newman shed her severe look by turning her “blacker than black” color into a rich brown. He then gave her some long, layered bangs and cut off several inches of her fine hair, giving it more volume.

Ambush Makeover recipient Sherry Newman, before and after. TODAY
Ambush Makeover recipient Sherry Newman, before and after.

Newman couldn’t believe the transformation.

“Wow, look at that. Can you imagine?” she said while getting her first look at the new hairstyle in the mirror.

The other recipient of Wednesday’s makeover, 65-year-old Barbara Baker of Springfield, Va., was in total shock after being picked.

“I don’t do anything with myself, and I’m kind of a mess, so I’m very happy,” she told TODAY contributor Jill Martin.

Licari touched up her bob and pushed her soft bangs to the side. He also colored her hair a light brown to erase all the gray that had grown in.

Makeover recipient Barbara Baker TODAY

Baker walked out in a black dress with leather pleats in the skirt.

“Beautiful. Fantastic. Whoo!” her husband exclaimed, bringing Baker to tears. 

Martin joked that she had Baker’s husband in mind when she picked the outfit.

“For you, I gave her a little leather,” she said. 

Ambush Makeover

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