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KLG gets boost from Al Roker, viewers on turning 60

Aug. 14, 2013 at 11:38 AM ET

Just two days away from turning 60, Kathie Lee continues to struggle with the milestone birthday.

She’s already forbidden Hoda from saying “60,” requiring her to drink from a shot glass every time she utters the number.

Video: TODAY’s Hoda Kotb continues to tease Kathie Lee about turning 60 on Friday by reading some funny synonyms for the milestone age. They also chat about Al Roker’s charming comments about KLG; Al says she looks great for 60 and has everything going for her.

Thankfully, viewers offered Hoda some ideas for how to work around it.

One person suggested subbing in the word “sexty” for 60. Others noted that KLG is only "five years away from mandatory Medicare" and “four decades short of a century.”

Another viewer said KLG should be referred to as a “sexagenarian.”

“How did he know?” she quipped. “He’s one of the few I missed.”

In all seriousness, KLG admitted to having a hard time dealing with the milestone. But Hoda recounted how TODAY’s Al Roker put things into perspective for her earlier Wednesday when he walked into KLG’s dressing room while she was griping about her age.

“He said, ‘Look at you. You’re 60 years old. You look fab. You’re on top of your game. You’re working at the TODAY show. I mean, your life is rockin',’” Hoda said.

KLG agreed and acknowledged she needed the reality check Roker provided.

“He could not have been sweeter,” she said. “I love me some Al Roker every day.”