See for your selfie: Lady Gaga gives great face on Instagram

No one can predict what face Lady Gaga will wear when she hosts and performs on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. But if the many selfies on her Instagram account are any hint, she’s got plenty of options up her Alexander McQueen sleeves.

There are no shortage of Gaga photos out there in the world, and sometimes, when a giant hat or wig or mask or cut of meat aren't part of the ensemble, you can even tell what she looks like. On Instagram, much of the crazy fashion is stripped away and her headshots can be pretty well composed.

In a year and a half on the social site, she's posted 128 photos to her 2.2 million followers. We managed to mine that for 12 gems. So, as nod to her new album, "Artpop," just imagine you're talking to your grandpa: "It's art, pop."

In case you missed them this week, Gaga taped her promos for "SNL" with cast member Kenan Thompson. Highlights include him trying to impress her with his meat watch and later confusing her for a lamp with a blonde wig on top. Tune in Saturday night for the real deal.