Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Fallon to take on Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber at post-Super Bowl live show

Feb. 3, 2012 at 8:41 AM ET

"We love Jimmy!"

It was pretty easy to get the crowd around a makeshift TODAY plaza in Indianapolis, Ind. cheering for Jimmy Fallon: The host of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" has been revving the whole town up all week by taping his show there -- the home of Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI.

It's the first time "Late Night" has been on the road with Fallon at the helm, so he made it special by re-creating his usual show opening (in which he races through New York City streets), using Indianapolis streets instead. Fallon called it a "love letter to Indianapolis" when Ann Curry and Al Roker joined him on TODAY's faux-football field, complete with cheerleaders and an enthusiastic crowd.

He added that it's been a delight to tape the show in Indianapolis' Hilbert Circle Theater -- for one reason, because they've had the symphony there playing with his usual house band, The Roots. "It's hip-hop and classical mixed together," he grinned.

Fallon also gave a preview of what people can expect on his post-Super Bowl Sunday night show, which will be "live, live, live," he said. It'll feature a spoof of "The Voice," with people auditioning for the new halftime show -- and it sounds like Fallon will play everyone doing the audition, including Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

"Me as Taylor Swift is pretty ugly," he said.

As for who he thinks will win on Sunday? His "puppy predictor" says the New England Patriots, but Fallon remained diplomatic.

"We have the MVP of the game on our show, so I'm going to root for the MVP," he chuckled.

The live "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" special episode will air Sunday, Feb. 5, at 12:35 a.m. ET.

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