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The 'Dancing With the Stars' pros we miss most

March 19, 2012 at 8:45 AM ET

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Edyta Sliwinksa, Louis van Amstel and Julianne Hough of "Dancing With the Stars."

It's that time again. Time for spray tans, body glitter, a whole lot of sequins and -- oh yeah! -- ballroom dancing. On Monday, television's glitziest offering, "Dancing With the Stars," returns. That means audiences will soon see what a whole new batch of (tanned and glittering) celebrity hoofer hopefuls can do.

Of course premiere night won't solely focus on those ballroom newbies. For longtime "Dancing" fans, the show is just as much about the familiar faces that return each season alongside the revolving selection of stars -- the professional dancers. They'll have their moments in the spotlight too.

Or at least some of them will.

A bounty of talented pros have participated in the ballroom bash over the past 13 seasons, and as is always the case, some sit out a season or two (or more). But just because a few of the more notable soft-shoes are missing from the lineup this time around, it doesn't mean that they're forgotten.

Far from it. How could anyone forget these pros?

Louis van Amstel

Save for a few pro-only performances, the last we saw of Louis was when he took reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson for a twirl across the dance floor in season 12. It seems the often underutilized pro is frequently paired with rhythmically challenged celebs (as evidenced by his stints with Wilkinson, Priscilla Presley and the likable but not danceable Margaret Cho). He's really had only one shot to show "Dancing" fans what he can do with a partner able to pick up a few moves along the way (see his season 9 trip to the finals with Kelly Osbourne). Here's hoping he'll have another chance soon.

Lacey Schwimmer

Lacey hasn't been gone as long. In fact, just last season she spent six weeks moving to the music with Chaz Bono, but her absence -- due to other professional opportunities and "life" -- is sure to be felt this time around all the same. Season 14 marks only the second break the "So You Think You Can Dance" alumna has taken since joining the show in season 7, and her fun, upbeat presence was certainly missed back in season 10.  

Dmitry Chaplin

Lacey's not the only former "So You Think You Can Dance" finalist who won't be bringing any fancy footwork back to the ballroom bash. Dmitry, who's been out of the competition part of the show since his brief run with model Petra Nemcova in season 12, won't be waltzing alongside any stars this time, either. Of course, the easy-on-the-eyes pro could still make performance appearances, so there's some hope for his fans.

Jonathan Roberts

Much like Louis, it seems Jonathan just hasn't had a fair shake on the show. His celebrity partners, with the exception of season 5 finalist Marie Osmond, just haven't inspired a great deal of viewer support. His last "Dancing" partner, season 9's Macy Gray, lasted only a single week. At least as long as his wife, "Dancing" regular Anna Trebunskaya, continues to compete on the show, there's a chance he might return for another season some day and vie for the mirror ball once again.

Julianne Hough

Before Derek Hough became "Dancing's" most winning blond (with three victories to his name), his sister Julianne had that honor. She took the top spot with partners Apolo Anton Ohno (season 4) and Helio Castroneves (season 5). But she hasn't competed on the program since season  8, and frankly, she doesn't seem likely to again. Between her country music and movie careers, when would she even find time?

Edyta Sliwinska

Known as much for her barely there ensembles as for her smooth moves on the dance floor, Edyta is one pro who's very much missed. Sadly, Edyta is also another one we don't expect to see on the show again. She hasn't made an appearance on the show since season 10, and at that time she revealed that hoped to shift her focus to her finishing her degree and building her family (with husband and another missed pro -- Alec Mazo).

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