Help give this newly-hatched baby flamingo a name!

Jungle Island Jungle Island
Give this fuzzy chick a name!

Welcome to the world, little one! This flamingo chick finally escaped from his shell on May 24 and joined his flock at Jungle Island in Miami.

Now the newborn needs a name, and Jungle Island is putting the big decision in the public’s hands with a contest. But here’s the thing: Staff can't tell if this chick is a male or female yet, so start putting together your best list of unisex monikers.

Jungle Island Jungle Island
It took three days for the flamingo to be completely hatched.

Send your suggests here by June 3rd, and you might be the one lucky winner who has the honor of naming a flamingo.

Check out more cute photos of the baby flamingo during its first few days below:

Jungle Island Jungle Island
The newborn with mom.
Jungle Island Jungle Island
Staff veterinarian Dr. Jason Chatfield assists the baby flamingo with the hatching process.
Jungle Island Picasa / Jungle Island
The baby flamingo with its family on May 29.