Real birthday parties: Lucca's superhero bash!

Jan. 1, 2011 at 1:00 AM ET

Check out this dream birthday party for a superhero-loving 3-year-old:

Time for a superhero party? Yes! Make sure all of the party-goes arrive in their favorite superhero costume... you mentioned in your awesome invitation. We had this Etsy shop owner design them for us—along with the signs on the craft and activity stations and in front of food—for cheap!

A primary color palette works perfectly for a superhero party. Polka dot balloons and cool framed superhero prints enhance the comic book feel.

Since they're saving the (birth)day—reward them with "hero" sandwiches. Leave all the condiments on the side so picky kids will be happy.

A reminder of how fruits and veggies are the perfect superhero food. (We got those toppers from Ander's Ruff inexpensively!)

For a craft, have party guests color their own superhero. We found the cardboard people at Michael's and attached a construction paper cape.

Send home all of the superheroes with their own coloring book. Check out the clearance section at places like Target and Michael's.

What do all superheroes want to do? Test their superhero strength, of course. We made this "building" from a big cardboard box—we cut "windows" and lined them with easily punch-through-able tissue paper.

Score! The birthday superboy got through the wall!

Now it's time for the superhero games to begin!

Superheroes have to be able to leap over tall buildings in a single bounce!

And run fast after the villains.

And perfect their superhero charging face.

And take advice from older, wiser superheroes. (This is dad, in a costume we bought on Amazon that we'll use again on Halloween!)

And work with the other superheroes to bring peace to the community, er, party...

...all in time for cake. This is a regular homemade cake in one of the party colors, made superhero-appropriate with comic book flags we found here.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.