Vanessa Hudgens, FBI meet on celeb hacker ring

March 17, 2011 at 1:21 PM ET

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is meeting with the FBI as part of an investigation into a hacking ring that's targeted at least 50 celebrities, TMZ reports.

Nude photos of the "High School Musical" star, hacked from her Gmail account, surfaced in 2007, and new photos from the same theft showed up in 2009. Last week, someone started shopping around photos of someone who appears to be Hudgens kissing fellow Disney alum, "Zoey 101" star Alexa Nikolas.

"Vanessa is deeply upset and angered that these old photos, which were taken years ago, continue to resurface," Hudgen's lawyer, Christopher Wong, told TMZ. " It is particularly disturbing that whoever got a hold of these private photos seems to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time."

Scarlett Johansson is reportedly another victim of the celebrity hacker ring. A nude photo of Johansson was reportedly hijacked from her iPhone.

"The ring has been hocking some of the photos and video to various Internet sites and others, but we're told the primary motivation is not money — it's the thrill of hacking," TMZ reported.

This new images emerge as Hudgens' new move "Sucker Punch" prepares to hit theaters. While some media outlets speculate this is an attempt to hurt the film, it's more likely hackers are hoping this increases the value of the purloined photos.

The ongoing scandal has caused stress to the actress's career, Hudgens said last year in an interview. "Whenever anybody asks me, would I do nudity in a film, if I say that it's something I'm not comfortable with, they're like, 'Bull****, you've already done it.'"

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