Sexy apps for Valentine's Day

Feb. 11, 2012 at 12:37 PM ET

The companionship and routine that help make a relationship work can also work against you when it comes to the romance department. Sometimes the spark needs nurturing in order to stay alive.

Inspiration can come from many sources. With the rise of the smartphone, it shouldn't surprise anyone that there are more than a few apps for that to be found in the iTunes App Store and Android Market that offer to rekindle that fire. And if these apps aren't enough for you, there are even "devices" you can connect directly to your phone for a little extra help.

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Kindu for Couples

Having trouble communicating what you want from your partner? Kindu for Couples ($1.99 on Android Market) is designed to minimize embarrassment while helping you explore your desires with ideas that range from romantic to raunchy. Answer questions about different fantasies, see which ones are a match and take it from there.

Sex & Marriage

If you’re looking for fun ways to explore your relationship, Sex & Marriage (99 cents on iTunes) has an assortment of tips and spicy games that get your creative juices flowing. A lot of the suggestions are simple, but effective, like a whipped cream battle, a bed of rose petals or a sexy photo shoot.

Sex Life Planner

If things have been a little slow, sit down with your partner to create a to-do list of your fantasies. Sex Life Planner (99 cents on Android Market) comes pre-loaded with suggestions if you're having trouble getting started. Once you have your list, you can check off your fantasies as you complete them.

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With 110 different positions available to choose from in iKamasutra ($2.99 on iTunes or Android Market), there’s bound to be one you and your partner haven’t tried. Work your way through them all (you can see your progress on chart) or hit the "random" button for a surprise. You can also search by adjusting sliders for the amount of intimacy, complexity and physical strength the position requires.

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Hot Game: The Sexy Scratch Game

Make him a promise about the night’s activities with Hot Game: The Sexy Scratch Game (99 cents in iTunes). You input your preferences in three categories: foreplay, location and position. Shake your phone to randomly generate a combo and “scratch” to reveal your game plan. For Android, try Naughty Dice (99 cents in Android Market). This app provides random "acts of kindness" for you and your partner. Use the suggestions that come with the app or modify them to suit your comfort level.

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