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Video: Moms: See 'Bridesmaids' with girlfriends

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    >>> we launch a new series we are calling "two moms and a movie," reviews of current films from a mother's perspective. ladies, good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> kind of spooky. i was saying you both have 6-year-old girls and 3-year-old boys. that's weird.

    >> we planned it together.

    >> it's totally strange.

    >> we never met until today.

    >> you're a movie critic and you are not.

    >> no.

    >> but you go to the movies a lot and you never bring your husband.

    >> i don't want to go with him. i want to go with my girlfriends. the movies is my bargaining chip. he wants to go fishing, fine. i'm going to the movies with beth and megan.

    >> we'll look at movies worth getting a sitter for, whether you go with or without your husband starting with "midnight in paris ." that premiered when i was in cannes. it's now opening in limited engagement in new york and l.a.

    >> it opens today and it's opening unfortunately against " pirates of the caribbean 4 ." everyone should go see "midnight in paris ".

    >> owen wilson and rachel mcadams play a couple engaged but not suited to each other.

    >> this is one of the best woody allen films in years. brings up classics like "the purple rose of cairo ." he goes back in time to 1920s paris .

    >> it's an homage to paris .

    >> gorgeous. you will want to go to paris . and woody allen shoots it like a postcard but it's how we, as outsiders, look at paris . you will forget every bad wilson owen wilson made.

    >> and kerry looks constipated.

    >> this is a movie you should see if you are in your early 100s.

    >> i am actually.

    >> why?

    >> it was hokey. if you want me to be truthful.

    >> of course.

    >> i thought it was "one night in paris ." i was confused. the paris hilton flick. when i saw the actual paris i was relieved. i just thought, you know, going back to the '20s, i don't believe owen wilson knows these artists. he's the "hall pass" guy.

    >> i think even that guy knows hemingway and dali.

    >> don't look at me like that.

    >> calm down. split decision on that one. next up, "bridesmaids." we had on kristin wigg and maya rudolph here. what did you think?

    >> hysterical. it was well-rounded. there was drama,ing emotional things that women love but also bathroom humor .

    >> i didn't love the bathroom humor .

    >> it was brilliant.

    >> for me, the funniest film ever is "dumb and dumber" and the toilet scene in "dumb and dumber" is my top toilet scene ever. this one outdoes it. instead of just one person you have three, four, five people trying to get on the toilet.

    >> more of men's humor. but you like it a lot.

    >> so silly.

    >> is this a girlfriends type movie?

    >> i would not want to see it -- don't go on a first date. you don't want your potential first date guy to see that women can do this stuff.

    >> and you enjoy the humor.

    >> i wouldn't see it with my husband and he's seen me giving bit.

    >> bring a thermos of cosmos with eight girlfriends to the theater.

    >> get really drunk and watch it. is it "the hangover" for women?

    >> yeah, but it has more heart. it's about women, girls, being friends and caring. it sounds corny.

    >> i know. but it's funny.

    >> it has heart. and it's a romantic comedy .

    >> it ends happily ever after.

    >> both yes's for this one. get the sitter.

    >> get the sitter.

    >> two moms and a movie. another mom and a dad and another. we'll be right