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Video: Scoop: No divorce lawyers for Bullock yet

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    >> story with our staff. sandra bullock filing for divorce or isn't she? minnesot msnbc.com pop culture reporter courtney hazlett joins us with the story.

    >> reporter: she has not officially hired a lawyer to begin divorce proceedings. her reps are denying that she is consulting any attorneys. apparently jesse james wants to reconcile. over the weekend you saw him with the wedding ring . he's going about his life. he's spending time with his children in the house that used to also be populated by sandra bullock . she has since left. we haven't seen her yet either. so i think until we see her or hear from her, there's really nothing we can believe. other publications now have more people claiming to be mistresses.

    >> you know what's interesting, that her rep would confirm she is not looking for a divorce attorney but not confirm anything else.

    >> it is interesting. and probably right now sandra is just having some time to herself and she's not doing anything rash. i mean, when we were talking about tiger woods and elin woods , all of those stories, she's immediately consulting a divorce attorney. no, not true. there are certain processes you go through with this sort of thing and just calling up the attorneys isn't --

    >> and betty white is talking about this.

    >> she is saying she is tremendously saddened by it. sandra bullock , i have been covering her for years and years long before jesse james came on the scene. she is fantastic and has a huge heart which is something betty white said as well. the fact that she was so public finally about being in love has made this all the more difficult.

    >> and justin beber?

    >> you're not a fan?

    >> i don't know who he is to be honest.

    >> if you were a 12-year-old girl you would know exactly who he is. if we were both 12 years old we'd be listening to everything.

    >> very popular.

    >> there he is.

    >> his manager turned himself in to police because back in november there was an incident where the police actually asked his manager to tweet them that a performance had been canceled and he didn't do it. essentially he was tweeting about the performance. it overran a shopping mall out in long island. it turned into a security situation. i don't know if you remember, tamron, last summer when he came out to the "today" show for the summer concert series. i've never seen so many people lining a plaza. he descended on this shopping mall that he was asked to tweet, it's canceled, over, stay away . he didn't do it so he is brought up on two misdemeanors.

    >>> we have some breaking news.

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