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E-mails posted by The Smoking Gun show that Ellen DeGeneres and her partner, Portia de Rossi, had every opportunity to transfer Iggy, their adopted Brussels Griffon terrier mix, to Ellen’s hairdresser without a fuss.
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updated 10/30/2007 9:12:05 AM ET 2007-10-30T13:12:05

While Ellen DeGeneres and her assorted surrounding toadies have shut their muzzles about the talk-show host’s puppy-passing ways, the other side of Iggy-gate is forever preserved in e-mails. Messages recently posted on The Smoking Gun reveal that Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, had every opportunity to transfer the adopted-then-unwanted pooch to Ellen’s hairdresser without the resulting fuss, but as everyone knows, that didn’t happen.

On the first e-mail, dated Sept. 11, Portia raves about Iggy to Marina Batkis, co-owner of Mutts and Moms, calling him "highly trainable, smart and enthusiastic." On Oct. 12, Marina asks for an update on Iggy as she hasn’t heard from the couple in a while.

The resulting e-mail, dated Oct. 13, from both Ellen and Portia, begins with this check-is-in-the-mail-style chestnut: “Funny you should write today — we were just about to write to you." The couple notes that, "we tried Iggy," but it didn’t work out — and note, there was no mention of the pup having trouble with the couple’s cats. Instead, “he was just too much energy and time for us in our brand new home,” so they gave the dog to the aforementioned hairdresser.

Marina writes back, saying that she was “deeply disturbed” by the pair's “violation of our legally binding" adoption contract. She then outlines the requirement the couple and Ellen’s hairdresser to follow should she want the opportunity to adopt the dog correctly and legally. The rest is teary-TV history.

Naomi Campbell’s first-class meltdown
All those anger management classes Naomi Campbell allegedly attended didn’t help her at Heathrow Airport in London recently, where she was banned from boarding a flight. The UK Mirror reports that Naomi arrived 11 minutes before scheduled takeoff only to be told she was too late.

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings "You have to let me on,” witnesses say the notoriously nasty Naomi yowled while stamping her feet. British Airways agents relented, allowing Naomi to board her transatlantic flight to New York, though her luggage would have to take a later plane.

"You are joking,” the cranky catwalk queen responded. “You are always losing bags and I don't trust you with mine in a million years." When offered passage, with her luggage, on a later flight, Naomi stormed off instead. Perhaps she realized brooms fly faster than commercial airlines.

Dish on the fly
Every former and current bottle blonde knows keeping one’s roots in check is a full-time job. That responsibility added to an international reunion tour with the Spice Girls is too much for even the most fastidious fashion plate. No wonder Victoria “Posh” Beckham bid farewell to her blonde locks and returned to her brown bob, as In Touch reports. … Formerly shy Shia LaBeouf recently transformed from homebody to hardcore party dude, according to Us Weekly. “I don’t like going to clubs,” the young actor told Vanity Fair in August. “If I’m going to party, I’ll do it at my house.” But Us spies spotted Shia chain-smoking and making out with an unidentified female at Hollywood hotspot Les Deux. “I’m relatively new to the scene,” Shia said at the club, but added that he was ready “to party” and “chat with ladies.” … Will Brooklyn become uncool if Michelle Williams decides to ditch the home she shared with ex Heath Ledger and take their daughter, Matilda, to live in Manhattan? The New York Post’s Page Six says the actress is considering the move to the same borough where Heath now resides. According to a Page Six tipster, “The Brooklyn brownstone is too big for just her and the baby."

Tabloid Tidbits is compiled by Ree Hines and Helen A.S. Popkin.

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