Check out these incredible cakes made by an ex-NASA engineer

Don't try to point and shoot this camera - it's a cake! BethAnn Goldberg / Studio Cake
Don't try to point and shoot this camera - it's a cake!

Former NASA engineer BethAnn Goldberg is the owner of Studio Cake in Menlo Park, Calif., where she bakes outrageously gorgeous, intricate cakes that stand out even in the insanely competitive world of cake making.

Alongside the classic, elegant wedding cakes she makes for clients, Goldberg also comes up with all kinds of wild designs for sculpted cakes — ranging from an 18-inch tall concoction in the shape of an ultra-stacked sandwich (even the onions are sweet!) to a Canon camera that looks eerily realistic.

sandwich cake BethAnn Goldberg / Studio Cake

Even with no formal pastry training, Goldberg managed to win not one but two cake competitions on the Food Network show “Challenge.”

fortune cookie cake BethAnn Goldberg / Studio Cake

The craziest sculpted cake Goldberg has ever made? It’s a tough call, but she thinks it might be the life-size, pig-shaped cake that she spray painted with graffiti to look like the cover of the Pink Floyd album "Animals."

pig cake BethAnn Goldberg / Studio Cake

Those brave enough to slice into the enormous pig were treated to lusciously rich chocolate cake with a salted peanut butter and caramel frosting.

scrabble cake BethAnn Goldberg / Studio Cake

If you want to order a cake from Goldberg but are stumped for ideas, here’s a hint: Ask her to make something inspired by the movie "The Princess Bride." She’s obsessed with the film but has yet to get a request to make a Princess Bride-themed cake. As Goldberg lamented to TODAY, “People just don’t watch that movie enough!”

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