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What women want stymies designers on 'Project Runway'

Sep. 16, 2011 at 8:54 AM ET

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Out of the final nine, only three girls are left -- Kimberly, Anya, and Laura. Of those three, only one strikes me as a real contender to get to Bryant Park (Anya, of course). I shouldn't be surprised the final nine is so male dominated, though, as so many designers of womenswear are men. Then again, I see womenswear designs that only look good on a hanger or on, well, actual men (Marc Jacobs and a few other designers have been using a male model, Andrej Pejic, dressed in their women's clothing designs for their runway shows) and think, well, I don't think a woman would try to pull this crap on anyone who has hips, but I digress.  

Heidi invites the designers to eyeball a bunch of average-looking guys on the runway. Is this a menswear challenge? Of course not! The designers get to pick which man they want for the challenge. No one wants fat people, especially not Olivier. Fat people are fine, except when he's designing clothes. 

But the catch? These guys will just be advising the designers on outfits their wives and girlfriends might like. This is a mean, mean challenge if you ask me. Men tend not to be terribly observant when it comes to what their wives or girlfriends are wearing. Men don't notice when a woman has spinach in her teeth, has not combed her hair, or has a broken leg (unless they have to carry her to the bathroom). Men do, however, notice boobs and, on occasion, legs and butts. But that's not exactly helpful if you're trying to design an outfit that you can't necessarily buy at Victoria's Secret. 

Josh M. is concerned that his man thinks his woman likes "simple" clothing. Josh M. does not do simple. Yes, we've noticed. 

Olivier is horrified that his man's significant other has enormous boobs. Olivier hates boobs when it comes to designing. I'm guessing he kind of hates them in general, but let's move on.

The designers run off to Mood -- with their men (I mean clients) in tow. Somehow everyone gets fabric, but you can tell the designers are just about ready to pitch their clients out the nearest window, as most of the guys don't know what colors their womenfolk wear, what styles they like, where they shop or, basically, whether or not they leave the house naked every day. Back in the workroom, one especially charming gentleman named Anthony talks about motorboating his wife's boobs. Bert pretends not to be totally disgusted. Then, Anthony calls himself the Booby Monster. Everyone who was trying to smile and play along in the workroom stops trying.

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