Charlie Sheen

Networks not ready to work with 'loose cannon' Sheen just yet

June 14, 2011 at 9:32 AM ET

Robert Sutton / AP /

News that Charlie Sheen was shopping a new comedy series and was in fact in "deep negotiations" spread quickly Monday afternoon.

If it is true that we're a step closer to seeing the troubled actor back on a television series, no one is willing to admit they're the lucky network that's is taking on the project. Sources at CBS and NBC tell Scoop there's no way they're taking on a Sheen show; Deadline reports that ABC is out as well.

"This is something that's been put out there by his management to generate buzz," said one source, who has recently been in communications with the Sheen camp. "There's nothing that is at the 'deep negotiation' stage yet ... no one is ready to trust him."

The source adds that Sheen is also growing short on cash and is anxious to get a new project underway.

"I get that he wants work. There is a lot of cash going out from him and little coming in now, and he needs the money," the source said. "That is part of the reason he put his house on the market. But here's what he doesn't get: no one wants to work with him again yet. He's too much a loose cannon."

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