TODAY's Takeaway

TODAY's Takeaway: Babies born on air, rockin' Cher

Sep. 23, 2013 at 3:07 PM ET

Cher reveals it's a “Woman’s World," mothers give birth on air and the Emmys are sad and weird.
Cher reveals it's a “Woman’s World," mothers give birth on air and the Emmys are sad and weird.

1. It’s a boy! And a girl! And another boy… and another girl! TODAY kicked off its weeklong #BornTODAY series this morning – with on-air births! – at in hospitals across the country. Did we mention the births were live on the air?

Video: A couple welcome their second child, a daughter, into the world as part of TODAY’s weeklong #BornTODAY series. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports live from the Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston where 15 other mothers are in labor.

2. We asked viewers to join in and submit photos of their own little ones born today, and the results were adorable.

3. As part of baby week, TODAY’s examining what it’s like to be a parent in 2013. Like, for instance, why it costs so much to have a baby.

Therese Allison told about her struggle to come up with the cash to pay for the delivery of her third child. When she got pregnant, she tried to sign up for health care, but insurance companies balked.

“They said, ‘Well, we’re sorry, but you have a pre-existing condition and we can’t insure you,’” she said.

Video: If you are having a baby in the U.S., you are paying more to do it than anywhere else in the world. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo shows why costs have increased and how hospital bills are riddled with mistakes and unnecessary charges.

4. Maybe it’s a woman’s world after all. Well, at least according to Cher it is. The performer extraordinaire sang hits from her new album, her first in nearly a dozen years, and talked about her upcoming tour. “The road is horrible, but the concerts are great,” she told Matt and Savannah.

After the show, she swung by the Fourth Hour to chat with Kathie Lee and Hoda, where she revealed her underwear preferences and admitted she shouldn't have been so hard on Miley Cyrus.

Video: The pop music icon performs “I Hope You Find It,” a power ballad from her new album, “Closer to the Truth.”

5. Sunday night’s Emmy Awards were a little sad and a little weird, but the stars let loose, flaunted bling and bantered backstage about sleeping with their awards. Also, they looked beautiful.

Video: TODAY’s Carson Daly talks about the reaction to this year’s Emmy Awards presentation and the many somber moments as the show made tribute to stars who have passed, honored Liberace, and featured an in-depth remembrance of how JFK’s assassination rocked the nation.

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