Jean's closet 'sixperiment': My interest in shopping is waning

Aug. 6, 2010 at 10:22 AM ET

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky committed to the six-items-or-less wardrobe experiment. Find out how she manages to dress with only a few items of clothing:

Jean Chatzky writes: Day 10: Black skirt (4), black cardigan (3), white tank (2)

I didn’t post yesterday because I was running around like a crazy person. But I finally wore item number 6, a plain light blue shift dress. For anyone considering doing this experiment, here’s my advice: Wait to pick an item until you really need it. I didn’t need the blue dress so much yesterday, but my husband and I were invited to an event by his new boss later this month and all of a sudden I needed something summery and appropriate. Voila. Item 6. If I had gone with what I originally thought would be 6 — a purple cardigan that could have gone over any of my other pieces, I would have been stuck.

People — ahem, Meredith Vieira — are starting to kid me: “Didn’t you wear that yesterday?” In fact, the answer is more often no than yes, unless it’s a weekend, when the answer is always yes. By day 20 I am sure I’ll feel differently.

I am starting to see my interest in shopping for clothes fall off. Confession: At 11:00 a.m. most days, I visit to see what’s on the sample sale. At noon most days, I visit Gilt. Often I’ll pick up a little something. This week my visits have been sporadic and I haven’t bought anything in a month (maybe I was getting mentally prepared.) Next week I will clean out my closet and see how that feels. I’m wondering if I will see new combinations of old favorites. Although I suppose it doesn’t matter — I can’t wear them anyway, can I?

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