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By TODAY Style

By Kristin Kalning

Tom Brady’s long locks are no longer – in fact, they’re a whole lot shorter. Yes, the much-maligned hairstyle that earned the Patriots QB the nickname “Tammy” were gone, as of last week, according to

Though he's abandoned the 'do, Tom made the style something of a trend. So many hot, high-profile dudes are hanging onto their longer locks that fashion blog Stylelist dubbed it a bona fide trend: the man-bob.

The bob haircut is a chic 'do popularized by Twiggy in the 60s, and more recently associated with fashion-forward females such as Sienna Miller and Selma Blair.

But lately, it’s been spotted on dudes ranging from Brad Pitt to Ashton Kutcher. In some cases, it works. But others need a good scrubbing and a date with the shears.

What do you think? Are man-bobs manly, or metro?

Check out some more man-bobs in our slideshow.

Arguably the original progenitors of the man-bob, the Beatles' signatureFox Photos / Getty Images
Brad Pitt has lately been sporting a man-bob.Michael Buckner / Getty Images


Man-bob: Hot or not?

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