Screaming flower girl charms the Internet

Not having much fun: One little flower girl was showing crying down the aisle in a new YouTube video.

It’s hard to be in the wedding party – a challenge one cute little flower girl demonstrated quite dramatically in a charming (and hilarious) video making the rounds this week.

The child, decked out in a flower headband and white dress, can be seen crying and screaming as she runs down the aisle in a new video posted to the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” YouTube page on Mar. 14. The hysterical clip, which shows an audience having a good laugh at the child’s nuptial tantrum, has garnered over 130,000 views. We’re impressed with the kid’s intensity while running through the crowd, complete with zombie-like arms and a high-pitched wail.

“[She’s] probably just overwhelmed, but it's adorable,” wrote one fan. “Isn't that what the bride should do?” chimed in another.

No other details about the newlyweds – or their emotional wedding party – were released with the video. Regardless, we’re putting her on in our Flower Girl Hall of Fame, right up there with the bored, napping flower girl and the royal wedding’s little frowner, Grace Van Cutsem.

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