13 unique hostess gifts to make sure you get invited back again

While you undoubtedly learned the old adage about never showing up somewhere empty-handed, there’s no rule book to help you figure out exactly what to bring.

Whether you’re stopping by a friend’s holiday party or spending the weekend with family, a thoughtfully chosen token reminds your host that their hospitality is appreciated (and says more than a generic bottle of wine).

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1. Color-Cut Cake Stand, $12, Anthropologie


This dishwasher-safe piece looks a lot more expensive than it is, which means more room in your budget to splurge on scrumptious cupcakes.

2. Ripple Carafe by Ferm Living, $40, Burke Decor

Burke Decor

Beautiful and useful, this piece is perfect for water, wine or even orange juice for the morning.

3. 24 Piece Bonbons Box, $88, Stick with Me

Stick With Me

Make a meaningful impression with these almost too-pretty-to-eat hand-shelled bonbons. The key word is almost and the book-like packaging is the icing on the cake!

4. Drink Stirrers, $22, Food 52

Food 52

An instant conversation starter, these stirrers are destined to be a hit at every cocktail party.

5. Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker, $80, Amazon


Perfect for your picky friend who wants their beans on ice — even in the dead of winter.

6. Le Feu De L’Eu Le Feu Peche Candle, $62, Clic


Who doesn’t love a double-duty gift? These candles not only smell great, they function as beautiful decoration.

7. Peppermint Artisan S’mores Kit, $22, Mouth


On snowy days that call for Netflix and a fire, your host will want to have this kit on hand.

8. Birch Backgammon Set, $96, Pendleton


When the holiday madness dies down, game lovers will appreciate having a stunning board to battle on.

9. Chef’n Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $20, Williams-Sonoma


This novelty gift makes a great activity for overnight stays. Be sure to pair it with a pint of ice cream ... or two!

10. Hand Care Set and Tray, $45, Murchison-Hume


A little gesture to make cleaning up seem not quite as bad.

11. Ceramic Match Striker, $38, Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

One of those items you don’t know you need until you have it, this match striker is especially great for acquaintances — it works for every style and personality!

12. Hafold Grange Teasel Paperweight, $58, The Line

The Line

A seriously chic alternative to fresh flowers.

13. Tea Towels, $33 each, Julie Song Ink

Julie Song Ink

These tea towels add some winter cheer to the kitchen, without screaming “holiday.” Seasonal and stylish, just the way we like it!