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Drew Barrymore shares a pic of her messy makeup stash: 'So much stuff'

And we've got a few suggestions for her.
/ Source: TODAY

Drew Barrymore, 42, has never been the type to put up a front, whether it's about her divorce or her daughter's Disney meltdown. It's just one of the many reasons we love her. (Well, that, and our "Ever After" obsession.)

Barrymore's latest instance of keeping it real? A little behind-the-scenes look at her makeup counter, which — while enviably well-stocked — might be even messier than ours.

"#beautyjunkieweek starts again as my bathroom counter tells me I need to get organized!" Barrymore wrote in the caption. "So much stuff! And that's the tip of the beauty iceberg."

The. Tip. Of. The. Beauty. Iceberg.

OK, now we have yet another reason to want to be her best friend: to raid her insane makeup stash.

A few observant commenters were also quick to point out the old-school corded phone in the background. A landline? Good to know BFF Drew is always accessible, even if she doesn't have cell service.

Now, since we want to pull our weight in this friendship, we'd like to offer her a few organization ideas.

Like these clever makeup holder magnets ...

Or this adorable wooden makeup organizer ...

Or even a DIY option using only Legos!

See, BFF Drew? We're here for you. During #beautyjunkieweek, and always.