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Drew Barrymore's hair evolution: From 'E.T.' to big-shot Hollywood producer

When you've been a star as long as Drew Barrymore—and as a reminder, she's been on the scene since 1982, when she was a little blonde button
/ Source: TODAY

When you’ve been a star as long as Drew Barrymore — and, as a reminder, she’s been on the scene since 1982 when she was a little blonde button in "E.T." — there’s no shortage of time to perfect your signature hairstyle.

See Drew Barrymore's hair evolution

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See Drew Barrymore's hair evolution

When it comes to hair, Drew Barrymore has tried it all. Whether funky colors or experimental 'dos, this Hollywood legend never disappoints.

But one would be hard pressed to pin one look on this chameleon of an actress. Over the decades, she has been America’s favorite blonde next door. That is, until she went brown and became the sultriest brunette we ever did see. (She’s also experimented with hot cinnamon red, perfect platinum, ombre highlights and even jet-black tips.)

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But it’s not only color that this producer and veritable Hollywood legend love to experiment with. One gets the sense that Barrymore views the red carpet as an extension of her work on the big screen. When promoting "Grey Gardens," in which she played the wonderfully eccentric Little Edie, Barrymore could have stepped right off set, showing up in playful, retro updos that were as pretty as they were delightfully peculiar. If the role is more serious, like the tear-jerker "Miss You Already," so too are her strands.

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In short, the entrepreneur views the hair on her head as some of us approach our nails: an ever-changing, always colorful expression of joy, inspiration and fun. And Barrymore seems to know, like the true free spirit that she is, that she can always just cut it all off.

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