Diane Keaton gets mad for plaid (nails, that is)

Diane Keaton first became a fashion icon with her penchant for menswear (a la "Annie Hall"). And even many years later, the Chico's spokeswoman certainly isn't slowing down when it comes to unique fashion. The acclaimed actress, 66, showed off her wild nails — quite a popular trend this year — during an interview with TODAY's Matt Lauer on Monday. 

"Are you more used to becoming an object of desire?" Matt asked, referencing the public's appreciation of Keaton.

"Are you serious?" replied Diane, modestly adding: "You know that's not true."

After confessing his love to Keaton, Matt went on to discuss Diane's new film, "Darling Companion." But he had a hard time staying focused on the movie because he was distracted by the star's plaid-painted fingernails.

"I like to do them myself," Keaton said. "Can you tell I painted those on?"

Wait, really?!

"That's so not true," Keaton admitted with a laugh.

Are you also not too talented when it comes to complicated nail art? (You're in good company.) You can DIY it with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips in Plaid About You ($8.54). 

The simple and quick peel-and-apply procedure lets you look like you spent hours slaving over your fingers, and comes off easily with nail polish. It's enough to make you say "La-di-da, la-di-da."

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