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Cake couture! You won't believe the details on this edible wedding dress

Now you can have your cake and wear it, too.
/ Source: TODAY

Say goodbye to the stereotype of the starving bridezilla! Now you can have your cake and wear it, too.

Presenting "The Weddible Dress."

Okay, it's not actually a dress. It's a cake sculpture shaped like a dress — meaning no one will ever actually wear it down the aisle. However we classify this piece of edible art, it's ringing all our bells.

The dress was created for Cake International, a U.K.-based cake-decorating and baking show. The artist, Sylvia Elba, was asked to produce an exhibit out of wafer paper to show its versatility as a crafting tool.

She enlisted friends and fellow cake masterminds Yvette Marner and Ilinka Rnic, and the three got together to play Project Yum-way.

Roughly 300 hours later, they came away with a life-size piece of cake couture that we could mistake for a designer gown if we weren't paying attention.

As requested, the dress is made predominantly of wafer paper — about 2000 sheets, to be exact — with embellishments made of fondant and cake lace. It's held together by Fabriliquid, which is also edible. That's one serious sweetheart neckline.

It also weighs about 150 pounds. So not the most practical wedding-day choice, though it could be a good defense against runaway brides.

"The Weddible Dress" will be on exhibit in Alexandra Palace, London this weekend. So if you're on that side of the pond, stop in and check out this marvelous bite — er, sight — for yourself!