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"Party of Five," "Clueless," Tamagotchis, the Macaraena: The 1990s produced some pretty awesome pop culture gems. But when it comes to '90s fashion trends, things occasionally got a little … well, questionable. OK, so it wasn't the most flattering decade, but that's no reason not to look back fondly (and maybe with a little embarrassment).

Even if you never fully embraced the '90s fashion trends (aka avoided bubble bangs and stonewashed denim), it's still super fun to remember what used to be popular.

So crank up the Ace of Base and put on your Blossom hat, because we're going way, way back to the '90s. / Today

No. 1: Slap Bracelets

It was a dark day in the early '90s when schools started banning slap bracelets for being potentially "dangerous." No more slap bracelet fun.

Confession: "I loved slap bracelets! I had tons of them stacked up from wrist to elbow, and I was so sad when schools banned them because they could be 'dangerous.' If they brought them back today I would wear them un-ironically." -- Cinya B. / Today

No. 2: Blossom Hats

Remember quirky Blossom? In the '90s, girls everywhere channeled their inner eccentric. The key to pulling off the Blossom look was the floppy bucket hat.

Confession: "Blossom was my idol when I was a kid. I wore my Blossom-esque floppy hat every chance I got. I'm not sure I pulled it off as well as she did though." -- Sarah C. / Today

No. 3: Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

The original Bonne Bell flavor? Strawberry. This epic product stood the test of time, and so you can still get your Lip Smacker fix even today.

Confession: "The Dr. Pepper flavor was my absolute favorite Bonne Bell Lip Smacker. I used to go through at least one tube a week." -- Kerry C. / Today

No. 4: Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers were super impractical and girls all across the country stumbled through gym class in 5-inch platforms just so they could look like Baby Spice.

Confession: "I totally wore platform sneakers, but not the Baby Spice kind. They were by Volatire, black with red and white accents, and came with leopard print shoelaces. I loved these sneakers so much that I continued buying them for years." -- Alexis F. / Today

No. 5: BFF Necklaces

Jewelry boutique (and tween girl haven) Claire's had the best selection of friendship necklaces in the '90s.

Confession: "Those best friend charms where you'd have one half and your BFF had the other caused so many fights in elementary school. But when you had one, it made you feel like you had this special little pact." -- Meghan R.

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No. 6: Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips were everywhere in the late '90s. But this look didn't stand the test of time, and fizzled out as quickly as it came.

Confession: "You should've seen my huge butterfly clip collection. The claws made every updo a cinch. Of course, it didn't look so hot from the back." -- Sharon Y.

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No. 7: Overalls

Overalls have been around since the late 1700s. That is some major staying power … and you can still see overalls on the fashion runways even today.

Confession: "In the '90s, I really wanted train conductor overalls. I wanted them extra baggy, and I ended up ordering a pair from the Sears Workman catalog and they were way, way too big. But I wore them for 15 years." -- Jess A. / Today

No. 8: Scrunchies

Before there were butterfly clips, there was the scrunchie. Scrunchies had their day in the '90's sun, but eventually became as outdated as shoulder pads or crimped hair.

Confession: "I had a 'lucky scrunchie' in fifth grade. I lost it when I was swimming in a lake during a family party one summer and I was devastated. Luckily, my younger brother put on goggles and a snorkel and swam around until he found it." -- Emily P. / Today

No. 9: Jelly Shoes

Ah, jelly shoes. The most ubiquitous sandal during the '90s. Cute and colorful and made of PVC plastic, '90s girls were always sweating it out in their plastic sandals.

Confession: "I remember getting my first pair of jellies, which were the pink sandals with a strap. These were my very favorite since I was obsessed with pink." -- Devran M. / Today

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No. 10: Mini Backpacks

Practically speaking, mini backpacks didn't make any sense. Your textbooks could never fit into one. You'd be lucky to stuff a fuzzy pen into a mini backpack. But anything that small has to be adorable, right?

Confession: "I was obsessed with Cher Horowitz from 'Clueless,' and I did my very best to copy her style in every way … down to the faux fur tiny backpack." -- Cassie W. / Today

No. 11: Grungy Plaid

No need to brush your hair when you're wearing grungy plaid. This style was all about looking as unwashed as possible.

Confession: "Plaid shirts were a personal favorite of mine in the '90s -- and still are. I pair my oversized plaid shirt with denim shorts even today." -- Tiffanie P. / Today

No. 12: Doc Martens

'90s icons like Clarissa from "Clarissa Explains It All" made Doc Martens synonymous with the decade, but they were actually invented during WWII. Did you own a pair?

Confession: "Everyone had to have a pair of Doc Martens. My friend Julie had the sandal version, and I always envied her because I only had the original boots." -- Mandy H.

What's your favorite (or least favorite) '90s trend? Anything you wish we'd bring back? Let us know in the comments section!

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