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13 ways to break out of your beauty rut in 2016

We've rounded up a few of our favorite ways to break out of old beauty habits and embrace some new ones.
/ Source: TODAY

The phrase "new year, new you" can certainly feel like a lot of pressure. While we’d love to start the year fresh, we’re not trying to become a whole different person.

Now that the hub-bub around resolutions has died down a bit, we've rounded up a few easy ways to break out of old beauty habits and embrace some new ones.

1. Go long (with your hair!)

A great (and quick!) way to break out of your beauty rut is to grow tons of gorgeous hair ... overnight. Yup, you read that right. Go for extensions! This is an especially great option if your hair's been taking forever to grow out and you’re feeling increasingly frustrated with the wait.

2. Add some lash extensions while you're at it.

If curling your lashes and applying mascara every day is starting to feel like a chore, or if you're looking to shorten your time in front of the mirror and feel more confident without makeup, lash extensions are a great way to accomplish all of that.

“Not only will they cut down your beauty routine and freshen up your look, but actually, if applied correctly, they can give you a more naturally lifted and youthful appearance," Clementina Richardson, the owner of a lash extension studio in New York City, told TODAY. "You will be able to achieve the most desirable eye shape, even camouflaging the look of heavy eyelids."

3. Give your skin a touch of luster.

Winter tends to dull your skin tone. But you can fix that by using a cream or powder-based highlighter to add a glow around the eye area, above the cheekbone, under the arch of the brow and at the Cupid's bow.

As Armani Beauty makeup artist Tim Quinn told TODAY, “The liquid versions work great for drier skin, while the powder works best for more oily skin types. Cream is more universal, but many times it just comes down to comfort level with application,” said Quinn.

4. Go for the shock factor.

Sure, you can go for highlights and upgrade your look, but think bigger.

“Choose a hair dye in a color that is in direct contrast to your own, and make it your signature,” suggested Linda Lauren, a color and energy expert. "Your personality will shine and you’ll feel empowered.

5. Be unpredictable.

Breathe some new life into your beauty process by waking up five minutes earlier and trying a new look at least once this month.

As celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni told TODAY, “Whether it’s embracing a blue eyeliner or learning how to strobe with a highlighter, a little beauty shakeup never hurt anyone. Add a bold eye shadow to the center of your eyelids or opt for a matte pink lipstick."

And you can make this change using products you already own. Consider blending your lipsticks for a brand new shade.

6. Update your brows.

“Trade in the overdrawn, overly-stylized Instagram brows for a more feathery and natural full brow," Kathleen Jennings, founder of the BeautyNow app, told TODAY. "It’s a fresher look, and quicker to create too than carefully drawing in your arches. "Just a few upward swipes of a brow mascara will do the trick."

7. Try switching up your nail shape and color.

Think outside the box. Even the smallest changes can still be noticeable! Try using different hues than you're used to, or even just opt for a new shape at your next manicure.

8. Edit your cosmetics bag.

It's a brand-new year. Time to get rid of that crumbled, nearly empty shadow palette that you're trying to use up (or at least fix it with one of our makeup hacks). “While you're at it, pick up a cute new cosmetics bag in a bright color, and a few new brushes if you need them. Having the proper tools in good condition will energize your whole beauty routine and make it less ho-hum,” Jennifer Trotter, makeup artist and beauty expert, advised

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9. Update the colors in your wardrobe.

You can boost the brightness of your skin instantly by wearing clothes that flatter your complexion. “Faded color doesn’t do anyone any favors,” explained lifestyle expert Clinton Kelly, who also warned TODAY about the effect of black clothing next to your skin. “Black can actually make you look older or more tired by bringing out dark circles and shadows caused by wrinkles."

10. Add some fringe.

Bangs ideas
Courtesy of Amber

“By moving your fringe to the opposite side of your face, you change your look instantly,” said Jeffrey Herbetko, owner of Glam Hair Studio in Philadelphia. And some women just might want to try bangs in the first place ... or simply sweep their hair up and to the side of their face for a more stylized look.

11. Experiment with a styling tool or accessory that you've never used before.

Pick up a flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, hot rollers or a diffuser and think of it as teaching yourself a new skill. Or simply throw on a funky headband!

12. Embrace your natural texture!

Love the hair you have naturally. “You’ll spend less time in the bathroom and more time on those new year's resolutions," Cal Ellis, hairstylist and educator, told TODAY. "You can boost up loose waves, or control curls with moisturizing products that are designed to help you flaunt your texture."

13. Add some color.

Color is the first thing seen and the last thing remembered. This could be in the form of earrings, necklaces, scarves, hats or hair accessories. Or even ... your hair itself!