Matt takes a tour of 'Lover's Bench' in Sochi with a local

Matt attempts to make a new friend, Ludmilla while sitting on the "Lover's Bench" in Riviera Park.

Sometimes you have to watch where you sit — especially when it's on the "Lover's Bench." 

While visiting Riviera Park, one of the most popular places in Sochi, TODAY's Matt Lauer took a seat next to Ludmila, a local at the romantic spot. The location reportedly brings good luck to those who pop the question there. 

"According to local legend, if you come here with your special someone and you pop the question, she'll say yes, and boom! You're in a relationship," Matt said.


But it wasn't all a walk in the park for Matt, who was quickly abandoned by Ludmila on the bench when he tried to reach out.

Luckily, Riviera Park has a way to fix that — it's called "Reconciliation Bench," where it is reported that if you sit down with that same special someone, you're immediately drawn back together.


However, it seems the reconciliation still didn't work out in Matt's favor. 

"We shot that this morning. And what bothers me is that she hasn't called me yet," Matt joked. 

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