Old Hollywood stars dance to 'Uptown Funk,' and more from 5 LittleThings TODAY

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LittleThings.com wants to add some rhythm to your day by sharing this fun mashup video featuring dance scenes from films set to "Uptown Funk" — plus health tips and sweet pet stories.

1. Characters from golden era of movies dance to ‘Uptown Funk’

Michael Binder is what you would call a “movie aficionado” through and through. Inspired by an earlier viral video, Binder decided to mashup dance scenes from movies out of the golden age of cinema to the popular song "Uptown Funk." Watch the video below!

2. Ten possible warning signs of ovarian cancer

Each year, more than 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As the fifth most common cancer among women, ovarian cancer is commonly nicknamed the “silent killer” among women over the age of 55. Here are the 10 most common symptoms Please make sure to consult your doctor.

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3. Watch this beautiful time-lapse of an abandoned puppy growing

Howl of a Dog is a small nonprofit dog rescue organization and one day they found this tiny puppy abandoned on the sidewalk. They could hardly believe how small he was. Watch as he blossoms from a baby into a happy, healthy dog over the course of 60 days.


4. The 10 incredible ways your cat shows you love

This exclusive list of behaviors delves into the incredible ways that our cats attempt to communicate their love for us.

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5. Eight common warning sings of gluten intolerance

Gluten is a condition in your gut, and it can have a negative impact on one’s overall lifestyle and well-being. See eight common signs of gluten intolerance, and please make sure to consult your doctor if you’re experiencing severe forms of any of the following symptoms.

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