Will Ferrell 'looks' to get in on the Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake bromance

/ Source: TODAY

After years of comedy bits, musical mayhem and real-life high jinks, it's obvious that the bromance between Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake is unbreakable.

But is there room for one more bro?

That's the question Will Ferrell seems to be asking — with his eyes — in a skit called "Looks" that aired on Monday's "Tonight Show."

As the clip opens, the camera focuses in on Fallon shooting an aw-shucks smile to Timberlake. His pal returns the sweet look, launching the duo into a volley of knowing glances.

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The camera pans out to reveal that they're not trading those wordless messages from across the room — they're actually just inches apart.

They're also oblivious to another look coming their way.

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We get it, Will. Who doesn't want in on that?

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