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Wendy Williams eats fried squirrel on her show

Wendy Williams Show / Today

On Tuesday, the Robertson family of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" paid a visit to "The Wendy Williams Show." But they weren't there just to promote their program or the family business (they create top-of-the-line duck calls out of swamp wood, and it's very profitable). No, the clan wanted to share a little something from their dinner table as well.

As fans of "Duck Dynasty" may know, matriarch Miss Kay is quite happy in the kitchen, cooking up the critters that her family brings home. And for their appearance, she whipped up a batch of fried squirrels for their host to nosh on.

"Now, I know you probably know, but I included the head to give you the ... I just wanted to give you the effect," Miss Kay told the self-proclaimed foodie.

After taking a tentative little bite, Wendy declared, "It tastes like chicken!"

Check it out:

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