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'I only like yellow M&Ms': Betty White pretends to be a diva in hilarious prank

Betty White is a demanding diva — or, at least, she pretended to be one when she pulled a hilarious prank on James Corden Tuesday night.

Before the 93-year-old TV legend visited "The Late Late Show," she called Corden to make a few requests.

After Corden assured her, "We'll do anything we can to make it joyous for you," she replied, "I need some lighting changes, if you don't mind."

White went on to complain, "My dressing room is brown, and there's nothing worse than brown."

Corden countered, "I don't think it's brown. I think it's an off-white. It's more like a cream."

But White wasn't convinced, telling him, "Cream is just brown, milked down." She explained, "I like the water colors. You don't see gray in water, unless it's bad weather."

And that wasn't all.

"I would like to sing," White told the late-night host, adding that she preferred to take requests.

First time on the #LateLateShow with James Corden tonight.

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And as for snacks, "I like M&Ms, but I only like the yellow ones."

"You got me good," Corden told the "Hot in Cleveland" star, who is known to love a good joke. "But I did get you the yellow M&Ms."

Watch the full clip above.