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Violence on 'Jersey Shore': Sammi punches Ronnie

Things got violent on Thursday night's “Jersey Shore,” as the problems between the house’s on-again off-again couple, Ronnie and Sammi, reached an all-time low.

It was obvious that the events surrounding last season’s Miami mishap, aka Ronnie fooling around, have remained fresh in Sammi’s mind since their return to Seaside. Once she suspected her main man was simply up to no good again, a combination of constant fights and Ron’s newly renewed friendship with JWOWW sent Sammi over the edge.

“Are you friends with her — yes or no?” was the question Sammi asked Ronnie eight separate times before he finally offered a nod. With that simple gesture, she punched him in the jaw.

After the drama, the contentious couple went through their usual mock breakup and quasi-makeup.

Like so many other hits and hair-pulls in the house, Ronnie never reported Sammi’s violent outburst to authorities. In fact, during the post-show “Jersey Shore Hook-up,” he said, "After what I put the girl through in Miami... I think I deserved the punch months ago."

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