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'Twintervention' husband: Get your twin out of our marriage!

It's not unusual for siblings to be close, or for twins to be even closer. But for identical twins Danielle and Nicole Rego, their super-tight bond has become an issue. To be more specific, it's become a problem for Nicole's marriage -- and TLC's cameras were on hand to capture the issues for "Twintervention."

As with many twins, the 38-year-old sisters have always been incredibly close. In an exclusive clip TLC shared with TODAY.com, Nicole explained the situation: "Feelings and fears of separation anxiety are very prevalent within Danielle and I both because we've never known anything else. We've always been together."

Maybe so, but Nicole's husband, Todd, has had more than he can stand. After the sisters were separated for a bit, Danielle experienced panic attacks and anxiety, and moved into Todd and Nicole's house -- and is still there three years later, involving herself in every aspect of their life. 

"What's the deal? I mean, I am married to you! I'm not married to her!" an exasperated Todd tells Nicole in the clip. "I love Danielle, I think she's great, but I think it's time that she just moves on with her life."

The problem is Nicole likes having her sister around. But Todd isn't totally losing his battle. The sisters do agree to get some advice on how to become less co-dependent. Watch our exclusive clip and see who they go to for help:

"Twintervention" airs on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TLC. In addition to Nicole and Danielle, the special will also profile 24-year-olds Lisa and Debbie, who spend 15 to 16 hours a day together, and twins Thomas and Jonathan, who share everything -- including their underwear.

The Rego twins also joined TODAY's Ann Curry and Dr. Gail Saltz in the studio Wednesday, and Nicole admitted she has the "best of both worlds" with her twin/best friend and husband in the same house.

Dr. Saltz emphasized that it's about establishing an individual identity: "Our biggest fear for most people in life is the realization that at the end of the day you are alone.... What's amazing about being a twin is you can avoid that feeling somewhat. (T)hat is a great comfort ... and that's wonderful except when it really prevents you from really being an individual.... You have to be your own person."

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