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Tori Spelling: We can't afford a vasectomy

She grew up in the largest home in Los Angeles, a mansion which famously had three rooms set aside just for gift-wrapping, but now actress Tori Spelling tells People magazine she and her husband can't afford for him to get a vasectomy.

Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have four kids ranging from 14 months to 6 years. McDermott wanted a vasectomy, People reports, but the couple was told by their business manager that they couldn't afford the operation.

Spelling acknowledges the couple isn't broke. "But we're in the entertainment business, and things change year to year," she said. "We don't have a series on the air right now, so we have to be more restrictive of what we can spend, just like anyone who doesn't currently have a steady job." 

The couple sold a 6,700-sq.-ft. mansion at a loss in 2011 and is now renting a smaller home. Spelling's boutique, InvenTORI, hasn't done as well as she hoped, and she couldn't take acting jobs for a time because she was hospitalized for problems with her pregnancy with their youngest child, Finn. But the magazine portrayal doesn't put Spelling in the ranks of most struggling couples. She still has clothing and jewelry lines, and the couple will have a new HGTV show, "Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever," in the spring.

The magazine also published a short excerpt from her upcoming book. "Spelling It Like It Is," in which she admits she knows what's at the heart of her issues.

"It's no mystery why I have money problems," she writes in the book. "I grew up rich beyond anyone's dreams." And Spelling admits she can't seem to shake her caviar tastes even though now she doesn't have late father Aaron Spelling's vast resources. "Yesterday I went into a gas station to get the kids water and I dropped fifty dollars on some DVDs (they were on sale!), chips, and lottery tickets (because winning the Powerball jackpot might be my only hope)."