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Tori Spelling Says Goodbye to Family Estate: "It's a Good Thing"

It's time for Tori Spelling to say goodbye to her childhood home.
/ Source: E!online

It's time for Tori Spelling to say goodbye to her childhood home.

In case you haven't heard, the actress's mama, Candy Spelling, recently sold the family's famous 4.7-acre, approximately 123 room "Spelling Manor" to 22-year-old British heiress Petra Ecclestone.

So how is the pregnant star dealing with the loss of the recently sold real estate? Not as bad as you might think...

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"Of course I'll be a little sad, but it's good for my mom," Spelling told us at Outfest's Opening Night Gala premiere of Gun Hill Road in Los Angeles. "She wants to move on. Obviously she needs something smaller. It's just her. So it's a good thing."

"The kids love[d] it!" added Spelling's hubby Dean McDermott. "They run up and down the halls, play hide and seek.'

While son Liam and daughter Stella may miss playing at grandma's abode, they have a new baby brother or sister to look forward to. However, the sTORIbook Weddings star is no fan of L.A.'s high temperatures.

"The heat's hard!" she said. "Indoors and air. It's the only way to go."

But it's not like the couple will plan their next pregnancy according to the weather. That is if they have a fourth child.

"We didn't plan on this one," she said. "We feel like when it happens, it happens."

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