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Top Chef All-Stars: Who Was Sent Home Last Night?

There was a lot going on last night's Top Chefs All-Stars.
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There was a lot going on last night's Top Chefs All-Stars.

Things got off to quite a rocky start with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi guest judging the quickfire challenge in which contests had to impress him with, not the taste of the dishes, but the presentation. It's a friggin' cooking show--your dish may look pretty but shouldn't taste be numero uno?

Anywho, Richard Blais gained immunity after winning the challenge when he impressed the finicky Seventh Avenue princess with a scoop of black ice cream that, to me, looked like freezer-burnt animal turd. Barf.

But who was sent home during the Italian elimination challenge? Was it Antonia Lofaso with her French-leaning dish of mussels or what about Mike Isabella's very undercooked homemade pasta? Then there was self-described "Black Italian" Tre Wilcox's not-creamy-enough risotto.

Keep reading if you want to find out who was told to pack there knives and go...

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Dallas-based Tre's risotto just didn't stick with the judges. They said it failed to spread on the plate. I caught up with the father of two earlier today to talk about what went down, what he thought about the winning dish and what's on his superbowl menu.

What did you think of the quickfire challenge? Even though they judged you on presentation of the plate, shouldn't taste have been included?I thought I was going to have some fun with it but a couple of things I wanted to do didn't work out. I wanted to try this and try that, but I was left with some gels on a plate.

Will you ever make that risotto again?Yeah. Tom Colicchio said it's supposed to spread and said that's the Italian way. I guess I'm not the Black Italian. [Laughs] But I've also never made risotto as a main dish. I've always served it with lobster or maybe shrimp. Almost like a side.

I made a risotto the other day from a magazine, Cucina Italiana. It had orange zest and rosemary-infused oil. I've learned orange zest goes with everything.[Laughs] I'll have to keep that in mind. Maybe I'll use it as my next go-to ingredient.

Oh, I'm just a very amateur cook.You can learn something new from anyone!

Were you surprised Antonia won with her mussels dish?I was like, "Really mussels frites? Really?" That's a more Frenchy dish. But it did taste delicious. I'm not too proud to tell anyone you're a good cook.

So you're in Dallas. I have to ask: what's on the Super Bowl menu at your house?I think I am going to put down some 16-ounce ribeyes that I've been marinating in rosemary and garlic and sage and different herbs in my garden. I think I'll go to the gym, rip it up and instead of having a protein shake, I'll go home and have those ribeyes.

Yum. Can we come over?

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