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Timberlake admits to having used drugs

‘I'm just like everyone else, I get completely plastered’ says the singer
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Justin Timberlake is justifying his drug use.

The former boy-bander and Mousketeer admits he has dabbled in drugs — and says he sees nothing wrong with it.

“I've done way too many drugs already. I've already inhaled and I've already ... who knows?” Timberlake tells the Brit magazine Observer Music Monthly. “I'm just like everyone else, I get completely plastered, I've done my fair share of drugs and I've been caught places with my pants down. It's just I make sure there are no cameras around.”

Timberlake, however, refused to discuss his relationship with Cameron Diaz, which is rumored to have hit a rough patch — allowing only he’s “not ready to settle down yet.” He was, however, quite forthcoming about his use of controlled substances, saying that because of his squeaky-clean image, he’s held to a higher standard than some rockers. “What I really think is that I've never done anything that bad,” he said. “I don't show up drunk to functions and the drugs I do have been in my own private time ... If Courtney Love shows up to a function it's like: ‘Oh that’s Courtney Love,’ but if I show up drunk it's like: ‘Oh my God.’”

Enough about me; what do you think of me?Paris Hilton continues to hold forth on her favorite topic: Paris Hilton.

“There's nobody in the world like me,” the partying heiress told the Times of London. “I think every decade has an iconic blonde — like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana — and right now, I'm that icon.”

She didn’t stop there. “There's a lot of heiresses out there, and I don't see any of them doing what I've done,” she continued,” she said. “I have so many projects — bags, fragrances, make-up. I go round the world every three days, designing and personally approving it all. I've got movies to make, a tour, TV shows. Every day of my life is scheduled until the end of 2007.”

What’s more, Hilton claims that feuds between her and other celebs — such as Lindsay Lohan — are publicity stunts designed to capitalize on her fame. “All those stories are made up. You know how shy I am ... Well, non-confrontational,” she said. “Certain girls just use me to get media attention because a feud with Paris Hilton always gets press.”

Notes from all overJanet Jackson calls Mariah Carey “Mother Diva” — but she means it in a nice way. Ryan Seacrest asked Jackson who is the biggest diva, her or Mariah Carey, and Jackson answered: “I think Mariah wins the cake.” She continued: “You know, a lot of people look at that as something being very negative, but I don't look at that as negative at all. She's very grand. She's like my sister. My sister La Toya's grand. Like, if they were to meet, they'd hit it off immediately.” She also said that the two are working on a duet ... Matthew McConaughey is auctioning off his 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible on eBay with all proceeds going to Oprah's Angel Network's Hurricanes Katrina and Rita recovery. “The lines on this ’vette are my favorite lines on any sports car ... it’s got the shoulders and the hips,” McConaughey says of the car. “It’s got muscle and it’s built for drivin’. You don’t get it for the gas mileage ... it’s not a Tiptronic Porsche.  When you wanna get it, you feel the horsepower in your backside.  The music in this car is listenin’ to the engine ... for me it’s the quintessential, bare bones, badass American sports car.”  ... Tommy Lee says he’s tired of people asking him to autograph that pilfered sex video he made with then-wife Pamela Anderson. “People come up to me with the videotape box: ‘Hey, dude, will you sign this?’ No!” Lee tells August’s Blender mag.  “Everybody assumes that it didn’t really get stolen, that we put it out and made millions of dollars, like retarded geniuses. Who would do that?”

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