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That's not funny! 'Dancing' cuts its first star of season 12

Adam Taylor / ABC / Today
Get off the stage! "Psycho" Mike Catherwood and pro Lacey Schwimmer were the first to be eliminated.

After last week’s epic “American Idol” results show, the first elimination episode of “Dancing With the Stars” this season seemed like it was stuffed with extra filler.

One full hour of recaps from the first two weeks of performances? Check. More reviews of Monday night’s performances? Check. An introduction for each member of the new Dance Troupe? Check. Two pre-taped performances by singer Chris Brown? Check and check. And also, after awhile, yawn.

I was almost wishing the “DWTS” producers had ignored host Tom Bergeron’s request to not have him interview the singer, if only so there would be some semblance of drama. But I have to give it to Brown: He delivered the most interesting parts of the results show.

He first performed “Yeah 3x” from his new album, “F.A.M.E.,” and showed off some pretty impressive gymnastics moves while he was at it. But it was his second act that really brightened the episode. Literally. During “Forever,” he and his backup dancers wore special suits that lit up.

But back to what the show is all about: dancing and the stars’ sometimes lack of ability to do just that. The first contestants in the bottom three were, not surprisingly, Sugar Ray Leonard, Wendy Williams and “Psycho” Mike Catherwood. You totally called it, readers! You guys gave Williams an average of 3.3, Catherwood a 3.8 and Leonard a 5.3 at the time of this writing.

But what you and I didn’t get right was who would go home first. It wasn’t Williams and her lack of dance-floor personality, but funny man “Psycho” Mike.

First elimination of the season, and I’m already tempted to cry, “Whyyy?! ‘Dancing’ fans?! Whyyyyyyyyy?!” You see, though Catherwood was seriously lacking in dance ability, he made me laugh. A lot. Williams? Nothing. I was hoping Catherwood would at least stick around for another week of hijinks. Instead, viewers will get another week of a subdued Williams.

But hey, I can’t complain too much! After “teen activist” Bristol Palin advanced to the finals last season – and not on the strength of her footwork – at least viewers got it pretty much right and eliminated one of the most challenged wannabe dancers. Good start!

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