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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood in jail again

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Amber Portwood turns 22 on Monday, but it doesn’t look like it will be much of a happy birthday for the “Teen Mom” star. She will likely be spending her birthday alone behind bars in an Indiana jail cell after her latest run-in with the law.

Portwood was arrested Thursday in Anderson, Ind. According to TMZ, she had failed to report for her weekly drug court appointment, which is a violation of the terms of her court-mandated drug rehab program. The MTV star could spend as much as a few weeks in jail while she waits for the court to review her case.

Portwood took a plea deal earlier this year and agreed to participate in the strict rehab program following a December 2011 arrest for drug and probation violation charges that landed her in jail for over two months.

According to The Herald Bulletin, the drug court felt the “Teen Mom” star was “falling short of fulfilling her obligations in the program while recuperating from surgery.”

Portwood’s attorney, Evan Broderick, told the newspaper that Portwood was granted leniency from the program while she recovered from recent surgery. However, she was expected to continue with her rehab program as much as possible.

“I think things came to light that she could have been doing more,” Broderick told The Herald Bulletin.

This is not the first time Portwood has struggled to uphold her obligations to her drug-rehab program. In March, she was nearly thrown back in jail for failing to provide her court-mandated weekly urine sample. For that violation, she was given an extra 30 days of daily drug testing and was forced to write a 500-word report on why she was in drug court.

As of now, she has not been terminated from the drug rehab program, but she remains in jail.

Portwood’s legal troubles began back in 2010 when she was arrested for assaulting her baby’s father, Gary Shirley, while MTV cameras rolled. Shirley, who currently has full custody of their daughter, Leah, found out about his ex-girlfriend’s most-recent arrest from fans on Twitter.

“So just found out she is in jail, WTF I didn't even know,” he tweeted Friday morning.  “I was trying to help Leah get her something [for her birthday]. Postponed.”

MTV viewers won’t get to see Portwood’s latest trip to the slammer play out on “Teen Mom.” The series, whose fourth and final season premieres June 19, is no longer taping. The cast taped the final reunion show back in February.

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