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'Teen Mom 2's' Jenelle Evans defends drug use and Kieffer Delp

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All hail the return of Jenelle Evans' knight in shining armor! Kieffer Delp has finally returned from the battlefield (aka jail). Although he's actually wearing uncomfortably tight acid-washed jeans instead of chain mail and he's riding a bus (ticket paid for by Jenelle) instead of a noble steed, he's still every inch the hero.

That's how the story goes in the fairy tale crafted by Jenelle, anyway. Now that she's completed the terms of her probation, she is finally legally able to see the dude whose misdeeds helped to send her to jail.

Freed also from her weekly drug tests, Jenelle and Kieffer can share their favorite hobby: smoking pot.

Stop judging: "Weed is just a plant," Jenelle reminds her concerned mom. "It's not like I'm addicted to cocaine..."  (-- from the coca plant.) "Or heroin..." (-- from the poppy plant.) "Or meth..." (-- OK, you win, Jenelle.)

"You better put the antenners on with Kieffah and make sure he doesn't suck you dry," warns Babs, who is blind to the charms of Jenelle's prince. (Props to K.Delp for getting his GED in prison. Maybe Chelsea would've applied herself if she were behind bars?)

Haters will hate, but we will celebrate these two star-crossed lovers finally enjoying their happy ending. What could possibly go wrong?

Not much to say about Kieffer's fellow GED-holder. We'll let Chelsea speak for herself:

"I finally got my period. Woo-hoo, not pregnant!"

With that false alarm over, Chelsea enthusiastically accepts her bad-boy baby daddy's invitation to get together. Predictably (to everyone but Chelsea), he bails at the last minute because he's "too tired" -- but somehow summons the energy to go out to a movie with other friends. At least he posted his plans on Facebook so his baby mama was less oblivious than usual. When she chastises him for disappointing his daughter, he sweetly texts,  "I'm not ditching Aubree I'm ditching u." Aw.

Meanwhile, Kailyn, after three weeks apart, finally drops off her son at baby daddy Jo's. While their hand-off is virtually silent, the "Teen Mom" has plenty of fauxversations with "friends" to elaborate on the dramz. We also learn that she's averaging only two classes a semester, so there's a chance Chelsea will be running her own salon by the time Kailyn graduates from community college.

Over in West Virginia, Leah's backside is the center of a love triangle between her fiancé and ex-husband.

"If I was him I would've already left my a--," she says about Jeremy's endless patience, while her baby daddy asks, "Why is it I can't get over your little a--?"

And because "Corey is the person who makes my family complete" (and not because he has two bathtubs in his fancy new house), she lets Jeremy walk out the door. With his engagement ring.

We'd congratulate Leah on finally "making up her damn mind" -- except that she now shares a last name, and a new baby, with Jeremy.

The End.

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