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Take That, Brits! America's Royalty, Marie Osmond, Weds Ex-Hubby!

OK, so there's a little less pomp. A lot less circumstance. And about 3 billion (give or take) fewer witnesses.
/ Source: E!online

OK, so there's a little less pomp. A lot less circumstance. And about 3 billion (give or take) fewer witnesses.

But Marie Osmond, one of America's longest-reigning showbiz princesses, has tied the knot--er, make that, retied the knot--with her first ex-husband, former semi-pro basketball player turned motivational speaker Stephen Craig, in Las Vegas today.

So that's her "something old" sorted.

"I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children," Osmond said in a statement.

The ceremony--incidentally held today to mark both the birthday of Marie's late son Michael and her mother Olive--marked the third trip down the aisle for Osmond (and her second with Craig!).

This time around, the duo swapped vows in a private ceremony at the Las Vegas Mormon temple, with a reception at their nearby Nevada home.

"It was important that that both Michael and my mom were with us on this special day," she said.

In both a romantic turn (and an impressive admission that she still fits into it), Osmond wore the same Ret Turner dress she did the first time the duo wed.

As for her famously close family, it's no surprise that brother Donny Osmond was among the guests.

"This was a last minute thing," he told ET. "Not very many people knew about it. Marie told me so I had to keep it very quiet. She wanted it simple and that's what it was. There will be a big family event back in Utah."

The 51-year-old bride first married the 54-year-old Craig back in 1982, when they were just 22 and 25, respectively. The marriage lasted just three years, as they divorced in 1985 and produced one son, the now 28-year-old Stephen.

And Donny, for one, is keen to welcome Craig back into the family fold.

"I was hoping Steve would be my brother-in-law again," he said. "Steve has always been a very special part of Marie's heart. It was a perfect Cinderella story with a fairytale ending. They were sealed together again, forever."

As for husband No. 2, the singing superstar was quick to rush down the aisle after her divorce from Craig, tying the knot with music producer Brian Blosil in 1986. They divorced in 2007 and had seven children together.

However, Craig and Osmond remained close (uh, obviously) since their divorce. It's unclear when the duo rekindled their romance. But here's hoping the third time really is the charm.

There's no word yet on a honeymoon, but it seems they're going the Will &Kate route on that one--Donny and Marie are currently perfroming together at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, so their would-be trip, if such a vacation is planned, will have to wait until their run concludes.

Congrats, you two!

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