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Spears sings an apology to Timberlake

Britney is telling Justin she’s sorry in a song. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Britney Spears is telling Justin Timberlake she’s sorry in a song. The once-virginal singer — who lately has developed a penchant for partying and stripping off her clothes in public — has written a tune to be included on her upcoming CD, “Everytime” in which she apologizes to a wronged love. People who’ve heard the song say it’s clearly directed at her former flame and fellow Mouseketeer, Timberlake.

Timberlake took pot shots at Spears in his song, “Cry Me A River” amid reports that she was unfaithful to him.

Spears denied those rumors, but the lyrics of the new song suggest otherwise. “I may have made it rain / Please forgive me / My weakness caused you pain / And this song is my sorry,” Britney sings, according to the London Sun.

The tune goes on to plead for reconciliation. “Come notice me and take my hand / So why are we strangers when our love is strong?”

A source who knows Justin, when told about the song, chortled, “Don’t hold your breath, Britney.”

Dude, where’s my ring?
Widespread reports that Ashton Kutcher proposed to Demi Moore and they’re getting hitched surprised some Hollywood insiders. Including Moore.

The “Charlie’s Angels” vixen was listening to the radio in Los Angeles when she heard KIIS-FM radio’s Rick Dees reporting the story.

Moore called up Dees to tell him the story wasn’t true.

The story making the rounds has been quoting Kutcher as saying “It’s official. I got down on one knee to propose to Demi and she said, ‘Yes.’ We were both so happy, we had tears in our eyes.”

But Moore told Dees that the story was “completely made up.”

“It’s something that started in the tabs and just kept getting repeated until it was being reported as true,” says a source who’s been following the story.

Notes from all over
David Arquette raised eyebrows on the Wayne Brady Show yesterday when he discussed his knitting skills, showed off some favorites from his doll collection, mentioned that he may dress up as Liberace for Halloween because “I have the clothes,” and sang one of his favorite karaoke tunes, “You’re So Gay.” . . . Athina Roussel bought her Brazilian beau a cow. It’s not just any heifer — it’s a $370,000 prize Esperanca because Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto owns a cattle ranch. . . . “Master and Commander” star Paul Bettany once gave co-star Russell Crowe a run for his money in the partying department. “I was thrown out of my posh hotel for ruining rooms,” Bettany told Scotland on Sunday. “One hotel threw me out for leaving footprints on the ceiling, which can be done if you have a lot of determination.”

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