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Sheen takes drug tests for Radar Online

Radar Online / Today
Sheen invited Radar Online into his home for a big interview over the weekend.

Charlie Sheen isn't done talking. Far from it.

In addition to his "20/20" interview set to air Monday night on ABC and the sitdown with NBC's Jeff Rosen on Monday morning, the actor has also spoken to gossip site Radar Online, which is airing the exclusive chat beginning Monday. You can check out the juicy tease on the website.

But Sheen didn't just invite the site's senior executive editor, Dylan Howard, and a film crew to his Los Angeles home for an uncensored interview this past weekend. He also did a series of drug tests for Radar on camera. (Results to be revealed Monday morning.)

"It's an explosive interview and makes for must-see viewing," said RadarOnline.com Executive Vice President David Perel. "Charlie does not duck any questions."

Sounds like a can't miss!

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