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Sam Lutfi tries to redeem his blown Brit cred

Tidbits: Word has it that the accused puppet master is hiding out somewhere in Los Angeles, reticent to accept any restraining order that blocks access to Britney (and her money).
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Where in the world is Sam Lutfi? Word has it that the accused puppet master is hiding out somewhere in Los Angeles, reticent to accept any restraining order that blocks access to Britney Spears (and her money).

But he’s not so underground that he can’t contact E! News and defend his, um, “good” name against the allegations of Britney’s mom, Lynne.

“I’m not worried about what Lynne is saying,” the self-proclaimed manager declared via pay phone in an undisclosed location. No way, Sam claims, did he ever do anything such as cut Britney’s phone lines, hide her cell phone chargers, hide then “find” Brit’s favorite pooch, tell her she’d never see her sons again unless she followed his commands, or otherwise “mentally and emotionally manipulate” the pop wreck. “It’s not true,” Sam asserted.

Sam did cop to one of Lynne’s accusations: pill pushing. “I said these pills are working wonders — they are miracle pills,” Sam recalled. Still, he failed to fess up the exact prescription description, which allegedly helped Britney’s myriad mood swings. What’s more, he neglected to mention to E! News when exactly Britney’s pill-imposed sane behavior occurred ... or why the paparazzo army couldn’t capture said sanity on film.

Winehouse to move in with Osbourne gangOnce she puts rehab behind her, Amy Winehouse needs a new place to crash — somewhere away from the drug-fueled music scene. So, in a decision that’s either a stroke of genius or the worst idea since ever, she’s moving in with the Osbourne family.

The Mirror reports that Ozzy’s little girl is the mastermind behind the plan. “Kelly has always been there for Amy, they are very tight,” an insider revealed to the paper. “When Amy went into rehab, it was Kelly who picked out clothes to take in from her East End flat.”

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The friends did go through a rough patch during Amy’s ongoing substance abuse, but Kelly’s seen it all before. “At the height of Amy’s drug-taking, Kelly felt a bit pushed out. But she’s patient, she has been there before with her dad and knew this time would come.”

Besides, with Amy’s hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, in jail, who else could she turn to? “Kelly is probably the most qualified of her pals to help look after Amy — she’s certainly a better influence than Pete Doherty,” the insider adds.

Amy will actually live alone in a guest cottage on the same property as the family mansion in Buckinghamshire. “The cottage is perfect,” Mirror’s source said. “And there will be no temptations like there are in London. The Osbourne’s security is already tight after a spate of break-ins so there is no chance of anyone being able to follow her.”

‘Terminator’ star grossed out by ‘Heroes’
Honesty is an important quality for anyone slated to someday save humanity from evil robot overlords. And “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” star Thomas Dekker’s got it in spades. “Gross,” is how he described the May/December relationship between his former “Heroes” co-stars Hayden Panettiere, 18, and Milo Ventimiglia, 30.

Thomas, who previously played best friend to Hayden’s character, Claire, told Life & Style, “I’m definitely surprised they’re together.” In a portion of the interview reprinted in Page Six, the 20-year-old actor added, “It’s kind of like if I were dating a 12-year-old.” Given Hayden and Milo’s 12-year difference, it’s more like Thomas dating an 8-year-old. Better bone up on math if you’re going to take on technology!

Dish on the flyThe children’s show “The Electric Company” holds fond memories for ’70s kids, but not so for one of its former stars. Morgan Freeman thinks of it as the gig that drove him to drink. “I felt like a prostitute,” the veteran actor said in a quote on ContactMusic. “I was working not because I enjoyed the work, but because I needed the money. (After the drinking episode) I recognized that (drinking) had become a problem, so I just quit. I do have self-control. Once I realize that I’ve got to change something I just do it.” ... At a time when most celebs wax and laser every bodily follicle, Tom Jones isn’t taking chances. The Welsh singer just insured his chest shag with Lloyd’s of London for $7 million, according to the Mirror. “Like a vintage wine, Tom just gets better with age,” an insider said. “Even at the grand old age of 67, the ladies love his hip-thrusting moves and catching a sneaky peak of his famously rugged chest hair.”

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