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Report: David Arquette to go 'Dancing'

Dan Steinberg / AP / Today
David Arquette is going "Dancing," according to TMZ.

Another day, another "Dancing With the Stars" casting rumor!

This time, the celeb in question is David Arquette. According to TMZ, sources with connections to the show revealed to the gossip site that the estranged husband of Courteney Cox appeared at the rehearsal studio Thursday morning, and that he's paired with pro hoofer Kym Johnson.

Other celebs (of a lower caliber) who are supposedly participating in season 13 include Rob Kardashian, George Clooney's ex Elisabetta Canalis, Mike Tyson, Ron Artest and Christina Milian. Formerly rumored stars Queen Latifah, Tiffany Thiessen and Snooki have all denied that they will be showing off their dance moves on the ABC show.

The show is set to announce the cast Monday during "Bachelor Pad." Join me and Ree Hines to chat about the latest batch of celebs the following day at 12:30 p.m. ET. (Sign up for a reminder today.)

Season 13 kicks off at 8 p.m. on Sept. 19.

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