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Readers share theories on ‘Sopranos’ ending

Viewers are buzzing about what will happen in the final episode of "The Sopranos," set to air Sunday, June 10. Here are just some of your theories.
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Sunday was a big day on "The Sopranos." In the second-to-the-last episode ever, "Sopranos" crew members fell like rain, and Tony found himself pushed to the wall in his battle with Phil Leotardo.

Viewers are buzzing about what will happen in the final episode, set to air Sunday, June 10. Here are just some of your theories.

TONY’S DOOMED“Live by the sword ... Die by the sword. Tony has to die.”    --Jude

SAVE TONY “I say let the show end “business as usual”, with Tony walking into the sunset, contemplating his next big venture... because does it ever really END in TV land.”    --Irene

WITNESS PROTECTION“I think I have an idea on how Tony & his family are going to get out of it. I think Tony has been known to be a bit of a softie and I think that that characteristic will come out in the end. I belive that his only escape (and his families only escape) is to go to the feds & go into witness protection. I think Tony has wished for several years he could escape the life he was put into by his father & now I believe he has only one option. I know it is an dishonorable way to leave for a mobster, but what other choice does he have?”    --Raquel

WAIT FOR THE MOVIE“First, Sil won’t die. Tony’s crew will go on the offensive looking for Phil. I see lots of gunfire in the final episode, but you have to leave the big guns around for the movie. People will die, and don’t be surprised if it’s Carmela or one of the kids. The credits will role with Tony’s vow to hunt down Phil and his goonies. The movie, I promise, will be bigger than Spider-Man 3.”    --Jeff

THE WEAK SHALL INHERIT“AJ is the weakest character on this incredible show...I believe he will be left standing, and in-charge, after Tony, Paulie and (yes) Carmela are murdered.”    --Kellianne

FAMILY WILL BE LOST“Tony and Carmela son and daughter will most likely survive and Tony will, too! His punishment is the loss of his wife and the disappearance (on their own ) of his children. He will be left alone to think about his life and how he has chosen to spend it and what does he end up with...? The loss of what is important in life... ones’ family. That’s how I would wrap up the series.”    --Alex

SINGING SOPRANO“I would like to see Tony go to the feds. He can ruin Phil and that crew without shedding any more blood, protect his family, and survive (even if he has to go to jail himself). After all, his name is Soprano...Don’t sopranos sing?”    --Ray

FAREWELL, FAMILY“I woke up early this morning having a nightmare that Carmela and the kids were captured and on their way to being “disposed of” by the boys from NYC. Could anyone think of a better way to get to Tony?”    --Bonnie

"I would end the Sopranos with an exact replication of the final scene of Godfather II where Michael is being consecrated as the new Don...however, I would have Carmela taking over the helm of the Soprano Family. Now that would be a wonderful ending...and so modern. Besides only someone like Carmela could pull it off...look at how she has handled Tony all of these years...I'm scared of her!"    --L

PAULIE THE TRAITOR"I think Paulie has already turned on Tony and is playing for the other team. He is now awaiting his opportunity to kill Tony. Just my humble opinion."    --Monique