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Rachael Ray denies divorce rumor

The honeymoon period is apparently over for Rachael Ray. Recently, the perky queen of the kitchen has been the target of stories claiming her marriage is unraveling.

But in an interview Tuesday with “Access Hollywood,” Rachael claims the headlines are all a bunch of nonsense.

“My husband and I were drinking margaritas on vacation when we read we were about to get divorced, so we find it funny. We’re very, very happy.”

But The National Enquirer says otherwise — claiming Ray’s husband of nearly two years, John Cusimano, has paid a woman for strange sexual favors and that Rachael herself has taken an interest in her new co-worker, “Survivor’s” Colby Donaldson.

Rachael tells us she takes it all with a grain of salt, saying, “I guess that in some ways it’s kind of flattering (that) people care. I just wish they got it right but, oh well, I still go home to my husband every night, so it’s OK. It doesn’t matter to me so long as he’s still there.”

Rachael was cooling off in New York with iced coffee for “The Running Of The Cups,” which benefits the Denis Leary Firefighters Foundation, and Tuesday launches Dunkin’ Donuts’ “Serving Heroes” program, in which Americans nominate local community heroes for national recognition.

Dunkin’ Donuts was handing out free iced coffee this morning to all of the people that keep Manhattan running.