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Questions swirl around Jackson’s tie to kids

Less than a week after Michael Jackson’s sudden death, multiple reports are beginning to surface that question whether Michael Jackson is the biological father of any of his children. One report even states that ex-wife Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of two of the singer’s children to whom she gave birth.

According to a report in Us Weekly, multiple sources claim to the magazine that Jackson’s dermatologist (and Rowe’s former boss), Arnold Klein, is the biological father to Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11.

“He is the dad,” a Jackson source claimed to the mag. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.”

When contacted by Us Weekly, Klein would not comment.

Access Hollywood spoke with Klein’s publicist who confirmed that Klein was a very close friend of Jackson’s for 20 years. The publicist said that Klein is grieving right now, and that his attorney will not let him speak until the dust settles and the coroner’s report comes out.

“Dr. Klein is aware of media reports connecting him to Michael Jackson,” his rep, Richard L. Charnley said in a statement to Access Hollywood. “Because of patient confidentiality, Dr. Klein will make no statement on any reports or allegations.”

According to a report by TMZ.com, the Jackson children’s biological family tree is actually even more of a mystery. The Web site claims that in addition to not fathering his two eldest children, that Jackson did not father his youngest, Prince Michael II, 7, either. TMZ also claims that Rowe is not the biological mother of Prince Michael and Paris.

TMZ cites multiple sources in claiming all three Jackson children, “were conceived in vitro — outside the womb,” using a sperm donor and that Rowe’s eggs were not used. The Web site claims she was used as a surrogate and paid well for carrying the children.

As for Prince Michael II, TMZ reported the surrogate that Jackson used was not told to whom the baby she was carrying would go. Three days after the baby was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, a lawyer for Jackson reportedly picked up the baby and delivered the newborn to the singer.

TMZ has also reported that it is not known if Jackson selected the donors himself or if he was unaware of whose sperm and egg was being used. The site goes on to claim that documents do exist outlining all of the arrangements surrounding the births of all three children.

Rowe’s lawyer responded to the various reports.

“We refuse to be drawn into addressing the various rumors and speculation swirling in the media. The vast majority of what is out there is untrue,” Rowe’s lawyer, Marta Almli, said in a statement released to Access Hollywood.

“Particularly hurtful and insidious is the most recent rumor — which is entirely false — concerning the maternity of the children,” the statement continued. “Ms. Rowe is the biological mother of the two oldest children.”

In addition to claiming that neither Jackson nor Rowe are biological parents to the three children, TMZ also claims that Jackson never filed the paperwork necessary to adopt the children.