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Player ousted after 'Biggest Loser' controversy says, 'It actually was fair'

"Biggest Loser" contestant Craig Arrington may have been eliminated last week after a shocking event shifted the spotlight from pounds to fair play, but the warehouse supervisor is OK with the punishment that was meted out.

During a visit to TODAY Tuesday, the 30-year-old offered his take on the controversy. 

"It was actually fair," Arrington said of the 4-pound disadvantage his team received after trainer Jillian Michaels gave them caffeine pills without a doctor's approval.

"Production wanted to ensure that all contestants were handled fairly. So it was fair to have a one-pound penalty for each of (the four of) us (on the white team)," he said.

And even though Arrington was eliminated from the competition shortly after that, the penalty wasn't really to blame. The white team was too far behind the others on the scale, and Arrington couldn't have avoided the dreaded red line with his low percentage of weight loss for the week.

But there haven't been any problems on the scale for the 30-year-old since he's been back home. He started the competition at 385 pounds, dropped 39 on the ranch and since leaving, he's lost an additional 81 pounds.

See how Arrington's former fellow competitors are faring when "The Biggest Loser" airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.